The Big Garden Birdwatch is back.


The Big Garden Birdwatch is back. This weekend will see thousands of people taking up their paper and pens to record feathery sightings and report their findings back to the RSPB.

The RSPB is urging both members and non-members to register and get involved in what is thought to be one of Britain’s largest wildlife surveys, which will run from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th January.

Young and old alike can document their findings and it couldn’t be easier to do…just register your interest at Big Garden Birdwatch, grab a pencil and start counting.  Your findings will help give this fantastic charity an extensive insight into the nature that surrounds us.


Help identify Britain’s Top Ten Garden Birds

The Big Garden Birdwatch takes just one hour of your time; just an hour to count the birds in your garden and report what you have seen and we’d like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

Your research doesn’t just help produce a list of Britain’s top ten garden birds, but it also helps the RSPB identify how bird populations have changed over the years.  For example, although the house sparrow was still top of the pops in 2017 we have lost almost half their population since the count began. And overall blue tit numbers may have risen by 20% but last year’s count indicated a 10% decrease in the number of blue tits, great tits and coal tits.

The RSPB tell us that the UK bird population is a great indicator of the health of our countryside, so it’s hugely important we report our findings, which provide the first steps to finding solutions.  It’s important to detect whether or not certain species have declined in popularity or - on a more positive note - if numbers are on the increase.

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How did it all Begin

Initially launched as a winter activity for junior members, the Big Garden Birdwatch has evolved into an annual event with over half a million participants.  In 1979 the RSPB announced a new children’s initiative to help identify the UK’s top ten most common garden birds.  It was soon picked up by the BBC’s Blue Peter and having featured on the programme the idea - which was initially expected to be an activity for a few hundred children – received over 34,000 forms in its first year.

Since 2001 it has been opened up to everyone, young and old and now the survey also asks participants to report on the wider wildlife populations in their garden.


Attract the Birds

Bents has everything you need to help our feathered friends thrive and flourish. Bird Tables and Stations are made from the finest materials and our selection of nutritious, delicious bird food helps with their daily diet. But don’t forget…once birds discover new food supplies they will keep coming back, so don’t stop as they will quickly rely on what you put out. Keep food stations well stocked and maybe have a few positioned around the garden to see if they attract different varieties.

Last year ½ million people took part in the Birdwatch and over 8 million birds were counted.  Let’s help the RSPB beat this record…register now at Big Garden Birdwatch. Good luck and happy counting!

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